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More and more buyers these days searching their products in different search engines, now there is no need to search any other search engines,


Dear suppliers Perhaps the biggest hump to get over is getting started. But don't worry: we're here to help.

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Our profession is buying and selling and trading of export surplus / stocklots of textiles such as Woven garments, Knitted garments home textiles ( Fabrics, bedding (bed-clothes),curtains, towels, table-cloth and so on), Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, under-wear, night-wear, remaining clothing, and so on.
We are focused on overstock, canceled orders, left-over, liquidations, bankruptcy, close-outs, over-production, or whatever always new goods (not used).
We believe that the key to a successful business is the personal contact and care for our customers.


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